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Medical translation

I use my expert knowledge of the life sciences and extensive experience in various medical specialties to craft professional medical translations.

Medicine is a very complex field that requires translators to have an in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of the human body.

What’s more, medical and pharmaceutical documents cover a wide range, including research articles, clinical trial protocols, patient information leaflets and summaries of product characteristics, instruction manuals, training materials for healthcare professionals, informed consent forms and medical reports.

I have specific experience in the following medical specialties:

Training in medicine and medical translation

In a subject as demanding as medical translation, ongoing training is essential. Here are some of the courses and events I have attended to expand my subject-matter expertise:

Webinar on translation of medical publications given by Laura Carasusán. May 2024.

Webinar on terminology about surgical instruments in English and Spanish given by Paz Gómez Polledo at Tremédica. June 2023.

Conference on medical translation and interpretation organized by Tremédica. April 2023.

Webinar on biobanks given by Eva Ortega-Paino at Tremédica. March 2023.

Course given by Matt Kurtz at Wesleyan University through Coursera. January 2023.

Webinar on pharmacokinetics given by Gilberto Castañeda Hernández at Tremédica. September 2021.

Webinar on the MedDRA dictionary given by Paz Gómez Polledo at Tremédica. September 2020.

Webinar on molecular biology given by M. Gonzalo Claros at Tremédica. May 2020.

Conference for Basque-speaking psychologists organized by Udako Euskal Unibertsitatea (Basque Summer University). November 2019.

University of the Basque Country course on sleep medicine. July 2018.

University of the Basque Country course on depression. July 2017.

Scientific-medical translation conference organized by Tremédica, Asetrad and ACE Traductores. June 2017.

Course on translation in psychopathology given by Milagros Landini at (AulaSIC. November to December 2016.

Medical translation course run by Fernando Navarro at Menéndez Pelayo International University. July 2016.

Course on translating clinical trial protocols given by Pablo Mugüerza at AulaSIC. October 2015.

Course given by Janet Holbrook and Lea .T Drye at Johns Hopkins University through Coursera. March to April 2015.

Medical translation course given by Reyes Albarrán at Tragora Formación. From October to December 2013.

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